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Blog Sexyester 2018

Blog Sexyester 2018

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In retrospect, perhaps the mullet wasn’t the finest hairstyle every invented. I will also concede that parachute pants may not have been quite as cool as we thought. The eighties weren’t all bad though as New Wave turned ever so slowly into post-modern rock and then transformed itself into alternative music. It gave us 24 hour news, sports, music television, and the films of John Hughes including Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Sixteen Candles and of course The Breakfast Club, which made all of us want to live in a small suburb just outside of Chicago.

Fronted by honey voiced Lyndsay Evans, who controls the stage like the Divas of old ( I’m talking Aretha not X-Tina ) and ably backed by Adam Edar on guitar, Jenna Joanis on drums, Brad Schubert on bass, and Roscoe Evans on keyboards, Sexy Ester is no flash in the pan. They’ve already payed a lot of dues slugging it out in the smaller clubs and dives all over the Midwest. The new CD, “Monomania”, is fast becoming a staple of college radio and the venues are getting bigger and bigger – Sexy Ester is certainly going to have folks talking for a while – or at least until mullets come back into style!


2018 Album Release Party

Hey Everyone! We’re so excited, our new CD Sequins, Sin & Appetite is in stores now! You can also find it online at iTunes, Amazon, and just about anywhere you can download music!

Join us April 18 at The Frequency!

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Are you a Sexy Badger?
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Show us your Sexy Badger on game day! Tag Sexy Ester on Facebook for a chance to win free tickets to a Sexy Ester concert!

Sexy Ester on the cover of Project Famous Magazine!!
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Sexy Ester on the cover of MaximumInk!!
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What’s your favorite Monomania Song?
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one disc and two disc wallet

The Wisconsin Area Music Industry Awards got SEXY!!
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Adam and Brad WAMIs

Adam WAMIs

Sexy Ester WAMIs

Sexy Ester rocked FreakFest 2018!!

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Adam Freakfest

Brad and Adam Freakfest

Bread and Lyndsay Freakfest

Lyndsay Freakfest3

Roscoe Freakfest

Lyndsay Freakfest

Lyndsay Feakfest2

Sexy Ester Freakfest3

Sexy Ester Freakfest4

Sexy Ester Freakfest5Sexy Ester Freakfest2

We’re on the radio!!
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Call your local station and request Holding On!!

Lyndsay Live
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We won Alternative Performer of the Year, Alternative Song of the Year for “Love Bubble”, Slots Online Alternative Album on the Year for “Hubba Bubba”, and Female Vocalist of the Year for lead singer, Lyndsay Evans.

Hubba Bubba
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Hubba Bubba – Buy a Copy today!!!
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We’re Famous! In our category of Uncategorized articles!


Check this video from our good friends The Nod. It features a Sexy Ester T-Shirt at about 2:35 in!

Sexy Ester
Date City Venue Country
Madison, WI The Frequency United States

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Time: 10:00pm. Admission: $7 21+, $10 18-20. Age restrictions: All Ages. Address: 121 W Main St. Sexy Ester album release show with Damsel Trash and Something To Do!! More information
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